Links and Referrals

Many of the tools I use are from and Amazon.  Below are affiliate links for various tools that I have liked and used.



AMTECH NC-559-V2-TF Flux

My favorite general use flux.


A variation of my favorite general use flux.

Low Melt Solder

Great for removing components.

Universal PCB Board Holder


Great for SMD work

Dual Head ESD Safe Hard Cleaning Brush

I love this brush

PCB Board Holder

I love this brush

Jumper Wire

Tiny wire for fixes broken traces

Micro Shears Cutter Plier
Some very nice shears

Rubber Dust Blower
Great at the job of blowing.

Microscope V2.3 Camera Bundle

A newer version of the microscope I use

Ring Light

The ring light for the microscope

Microscope Articulating Arm

Stand needed to mount and focus the microscope

Thermal Imager Camera

Great thermal camera

HEPA Fume Extractor

Nearly identical fume extractor to mine

Tools Storage Rack Holder

Handy little tool holder

Capacitors and Resistors Books

1206, 0805, 0603, 0402, and 0201

Multi Function storage Box

I love these boxes. I haves so many.

Pre-cut Silicon Thermal Pads

Great for protecting areas from hot air.

Desolder Braid Wick

Premium Desolder Braid Wick – 10ft lengt

Pad Strips

Pad Strips to Fix ripped pads and torn wire traces.

ESD Safe Spudger

Tough Plastic ESD Safe Spudger – Scratch proof

Grinding Stone

Grinding Stone to Straighten and sharpen tweezers

Soldering Practice Board

Soldering Practice Board. LED chaser Kit with SMD and Through hole components

Pry Tool

Multi purpose Pry tool with 4 round corners\

Kapton Thermal Tape

Thermal tape 1in x 92ft

Tweezer – Anti Slip

Really comfortable tweezers


Aluminum Tape

Tape used to block heat

Solder Mask – Green Blue Red

UV curing solder mask

10 Watt UV Light

Cures solder mask in 6 seconds


Needle Tip Bottle Dispenser

3 x 50ml for liquids


Portable Mini Soldering Pen

Powerful iron with excellent tips