NLC 1050 Mix/Seq

Having originally been adapted from the ARP circuit of the same name, the Nonlinear Circuit's 1050 Mixer Sequencer is exactly that. A mixer, a sequencer, and then a combination of the two.

Like the name implies there are two main functions on this module. The first is the mixer function where all input jacks have an attenuator pot and are all active at once. The clock and reset do not function in this mode. The outputs offer a variety of all 8 inputs including All, just 1-4, just 5-8, or a positive and negative version of all inputs through a differential rectifier. This can work for audio or control voltage (CV). 

In sequencer mode you now have the inputs stepped through sequentially as they are being pushed by the clock pulse. This is where things get a little interesting. With signals plugged into the inputs the 1050 will step through each one with the pot still mixing the level. If nothing is plugged in the pot acts like a tuning knob for a sequencer in a 10v range.

There are two modes for the sequencer 1x8 and 2x4. In 1x8 the All output behaves exactly like you would expect outputting the signal from each input. The 1-4 output behaves similar, but for stage 5-8 the output is 0v, or ground. This behavior is mirrored on outputs 5-8. In 2x4 mode the All output is a sum of the two inputs, be them audio or voltage. The 1-4 and 5-8 outputs no longer suffer the 4 clock cycles of silence as well.  Throughout all of this the differential rectifier outputs are outputting a mangled version of the All outputs.

Aside from the obvious versatility of this module it's important to note that the clock input is driving a switching IC that can go into the MHz range. So you could easily drive this at audio rate creating unique tones and timbres by simply twisting a few of the 1050's knobs as it blast away at 1kHz+

We built a few and these and have them available in out store. You can also get the PCB, panel, and finished module direct from NLC as well.